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Five Ways to be Happier

Are we doomed to gloom if our genetic predisposition is towards melancholy? As a mental health therapist, I would prefer not to tell my clients that they are just doomed to gloom due to their genes.

Research shows that external factors have very little impact on our overall happiness. Our beauty, income, education and even health do not influence our levels of happiness. A major catastrophic bad event also has very little impact on our overall happiness.

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Love Builders

Are You Too Busy for the Delights of Marriage

“How could he cheat on me,” said the distraught-middle aged woman who sat in my office early Friday morning. “I thought everything was good between us. He said that he’s been miserable for years and he finally found someone who makes him feel loved and appreciated. I am his wife. I am the one who has taken care of him for all these years. I have cooked for him, cleaned for him, and taken care of our children. I really thought everything was just fine between us…..”

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