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God Meets Us Where We Are

A client of mine received a diagnosis of stage 2b breast cancer. She is in her twenties with a young baby daughter. I held her hand and heart as she struggled through her first six months of chemotherapy. I witnessed her spiraling down into the deepest of darkest despair.   My heart was bleeding for her. There were no words that could help. I would just listen. One day, she walked into my office. She said to me, I saw a spirit. Her mood was completely altered from despair to hope. God meets us where we are.

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Love Quiz; How well do you know your spouse?

Surprise! We had a surprise birthday party for my son. His emotional outpouring let me know how truly touched he really was for this party.   The party theme was around his nickname growing up, which was Jama Man. He achieved that nickname due to the amount of hours he would spend in his jammies. Jama Man is a nickname that only our family would know.   Do you have a nickname for your spouse that only you would know? Do you really, really know your spouse?

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Las Vegas – Trauma and Treasures

For those involved in the horrific event in Las Vegas, I send all of you a loving virtual hug. There are no right words to calm you from the aftermath of the storm.  The dust is settling. Unfortunately, the emotional trauma is still ruminating in all of those involved. Fortunately, there are those finding the little treasures as the dust settles. Three victims have walked through my counseling door.

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Romantic Obsession

Romantic Obsession; What Makes a Stalker?

In 7th grade, the girls and I were swooning over a teacher, Mr. Signorino. We had a romantic obsession with Mr. Signorino. We even had a song about him. The song was an adaptation from the last verse of the song from West Side Story, Gee Officer Krupke. The parody of that song we created went like this, “Mr. Signorino, we’re down on our knees, because no one wants a teacher with a social disease. Gee Mr. Signorino what are we to do. Mr. Signorino, we love you.”  Are you romantically obsessed?

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