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EMDR How? What? Long? Really Work?

A client of mine was in Alaska visiting family. She and her two boys, ages four and two, were in a hotel room. In the hotel, the boys were playing around a dresser. On top of the dresser was a TV, which was quite heavy in those days. All of a sudden the boys knocked the TV down off the dresser.

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Mothers Rock!!!

It’s our day to celebrate the super important, might I say irreplaceable, role that moms play in our world. We do that by honoring our own mothers and those women who mothered us, by letting ourselves accept all the love that we deserve for mothering others, and passing that recognition and love down to our own daughters who are mothers.

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graduation, bill gates, commencement speeches

Graduation Bill Gates Real World Style

It’s graduation time, which means commencement speeches. I had more fun listening to commencement speeches at my daughter’s high school graduation than I ever did at any college graduation. The high school commencement talks were more creative and less about trying to sound smart. Bill Gates’ speech, love him or hate him, comes pretty close to hitting home on what he said at a high school talk about the 11 things they did not learn in school.

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